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Lee & Amanda Porter

MORE ABOUT USLee & Amanda Porter

Lee & Amanda were turned onto the personal development space over 15 years ago, and have been fascinated by the power of the mind ever since.  Lee learned first hand the power of life coaching when he hired a personal life coach and tripled his income in 3 years.

Later, Amanda built a business in the health and wellness space where she helped hundreds of individuals not only improve their physical health, but also their mental health.  Together, Amanda and Lee spoke at events, provided personal coaching, and trained hundreds as they also built their own businesses.

In 2020, they were introduced to Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and quickly recognized that the tools available through NLP were the key to creating lasting change for individuals.  They both became certified as Practitioners and Master Practitioners and have effectively helped business owners and those looking to level up their lives to reach their full potential.

Does This Sound Like You?

Professional Man

Can’t reach that next level?

  • You have BIG GOALS but you can’t seem to reach them?
  • You work hard but your income seems to have plateaued?
  • You want to make changes but aren’t sure where to begin?
  • You feel stuck and frustrated because things just aren’t working out?
Frustrated Man

Missing something in life?

  • Are you successful, but still feel like you have more to give?
  • Are you new in your career and want to make it meaningful?
  • Are you a parent looking to make a significant impact for your family?
  • Are you hungry for more and want to fulfill your purpose?

Perhaps it's time to look inward and discover what old programs you have running that are keeping you from fulfilling your biggest dreams?

We can Teach you to Master Your MindAnd it's easier than you think

You don't need more willpower to make significant change.  But instead, you need tools to help you change your programming (habits). 

So instead of continuing an internal struggle that seems like it may never end, or deciding to just give up, how much better would it be to learn how to reprogram your brain to get the results you want?

We can teach you the tools and skills you need to clean out your past, design your future, and create the reality you truly want.

We can teach you how to quit forever

Mastery is within reach

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